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Starting my days with the ducks..

This was my first morning... The one where I decided that I was going to make that 3 minute drive to the ocean and watch the sunrise everyday, no matter how tired I was.. Try to find a way to greet the light every day during this really dark time. Seasonally, and personally...

The first day I decided to come down and do this was either January 1st or January 2nd and it was as though the Universe was celebrating and with me and congratulating me for making the decision -rewarding me with such a beautiful sunrise. Every day since has been different, (nothing like this however!) Some mornings are locked in with fog where I can only see the ducks just in front of me on the water, and some mornings have slivers of pink in the horizon just before the clouds take over, but it's all equally as magical and beautiful. I cherish this time with myself, soaking in the majestic wisdom of the ocean and its creatures...

This is a time of hibernation and reclusiveness for me, this winter season. It always has been, but this year so much more than ever. Life has gotten very messy because of some of the choices I've made lately, and some days I don't know which way I'm coming or going and end up going in circles round and round until I fall down exhausted at night. Coming to the ocean every morning has helped nourish my mental health (which has almost become an 'in' catch phrase these days).

I've also stepped back from Facebook and Instagram because I just feel like I need the time for me - I was spending way too much time and energy on there and really tuned into how I was feeling, and it was leaving me feeling not good if I'm honest! Although ironically I know that I will probably post this blog on my Facebook in order to be able to stay connected with you all because that's so important to me.. it's the constant conundrum of social media. How else do I communicate with you all? They've got us by the balls! (I know that is seriously not politically correct but it's my effing blog so I'll say whatever I want)

There it is. There's the 'Hamilton' in me! Hehe

Anyways I digress, I'm going to go back to sitting here at the ocean and listening to the ducks, before I start my day... Maybe I'll see you back on here sometime soon. Xoxo

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